Doggy Designs Grooming Salon Services

Dog Grooming

For the dogs that are stubborn and will do just about anything to avoid being washed or groomed, we have professionals precisely for those type of dogs. We provide grooming and all grooming services for the big dogs both calm and rowdy because we love dogs and constantly work towards understanding dogs and providing services to make a dog feel comfortable.

Our entire team has a passion for dogs and working with dogs. We have innovative ways of making sure your dog is relaxed while it is getting groomed and we make sure your dog looks clean and fresh every time it comes to our salon.

Cat Grooming

Our cat grooming services offer a variety of options to making sure your feline companion is clean and well groomed. We work with any animal cat or dog, our equipment is designed for any type of pet. We also work with pets of any age, size, or temperament.

We practice the lowest stress form of grooming for your pet and provide the most convenient service for you. To start the treatment we carefully clean your pet's eyes and ears, clip their nails and brush out their coat.

Flea Dips

Fleas are nasty little buggers and they are arguably a dog’s worst enemy, behind the vacuum and the vet of course. Fleas are often very difficult to get rid of and they leave the poor dog desperate for relief and comfort from the constant itching.

Our flea dips are designed specifically to get rid of the pesky little pest and to give your dog the much needed relief so it can go back to enjoying its life. We work with any dog no matter the severity of the flea infestation so your dog can go back to worrying about more important things, like figuring out how to get on the table to eat your dinner.

Pet Bathing

Pet bathing can be a stressful time for some pets, which is why we take the time to make your pet feel comfortable and secure. Our environment is calm and soothing, so that your pet can relax during bath time.

Our trained bathers use quality shampoos and conditioners that are pet-safe and let your pet smell great! From cats to dogs, book your pet's bath time at our grooming salon. We're sure to have them coming back for more!

Pet Nail Clipping

Pet nail clipping is one of our more popular pet services for dogs and cats. Our trained groomers have years of experience handling different breeds of dogs and cats that need a professional nail trim. We are patient with your pet so that they can be comfortable during each and every service. Book your appointment for your furry friend today!